Playstation / Xbox Tips & Tricks

General Troubleshooting

  • Restart the system if your PS3 should freeze up. Touching the power button for 10 seconds will shut the system down. Then just turn it on again.
  • Check the PS3′s vents or its location if the power button alternately flashing red and green. This means it is running hot. Shut it off and wait for it to cool down.
  • Shut down the system if the power button flashes red and fails to operate. This means it has overheated and has reached a critical phase. Move it to another location where the vents are not blocked and it isn’t in an enclosed area. Don’t restart it until it cools down.
  • Check the content of the disc or DVD to make sure it can be played in a PS3. Also some software developers may specify viewing options that are not available on the PS3.
  • Check your Ethernet connection to your router if you are having problems connecting to your network. Make sure you are using the proper cable and both ends are securely connected.
  • Don’t use a dial up modem with your PS3. They are designed to be used only on broadband networks.

Discs Won’t Play

  • Remove the disc if the PS3 can’t recognize it, wipe it clean. Also make sure it hasn’t been exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. Keep discs in their cases when they’re not being used.
  • Make sure that all DVDs you have created have been finalized
  • Make sure the disc you want to play has been recorded using the NTSC standard.
  • Touching the eject button for 10 seconds or longer will force the PS3 to eject discs that are stuck in the unit. Turn the system off after removing the disc, and then turn it on again.
  • Don’t hook your PS3 up to your TV through your VCR or try to use it on a combination TV/VCR unit if you want to watch DVDs. The picture will become distorted because the system will think you are trying to copy protected content.
  • Check your parental code settings or the regional code for the DVD you’re trying to play. Also some Blu-Ray discs may be “locked” and need a password to view.

Troubleshoot Sound and Video

  • Check the mute function on your TV or audio system if there is no sound.
  • Check the audio settings of your device to make sure it “sees” the PS3. Also make sure you are using the correct audio cables and they are properly connected.
  • Check to see if music you are trying to play is copy protected. If so, it may not play.
  • Check your systems audio input and output settings to ensure they are set up correctly.
  • Make sure the input mode on your TV is compatible with the connectors used by the PS3.
  • Check your video setting for compatibility with the PS3. If they are not, disconnect all other components, press the power button for five seconds, and the system will reset to standard video.
  • Tips and tricks for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • So you have one of the new next-gen system. You’ve plugged it in, updated the console and you’re ready to play. You’ve ignored the instruction manual because you’ve done these sort of things before and you know how to connect the HDMI and power cables. But there’s more to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One than pressing an On button and gaming. There are subtle things that you can do to improve the experience.Here’s what I learned after spending a few days with both systems.XBOX ONE:When installing games from disc, wait for the whole thing to download. That seems fairly obvious right? But it’s deceptively easy to put in a game and play while the rest of it is downloading. Where you run into problems though is when you switch out the disc mid-download to play and install something else. That’s a big no-no. Sometimes the data gets corrupted and the game stalls out in places. If that happens, you should do the next thing …

    If you want to delete a game on the Xbox One, go to the Games and Apps section and press the Menu (Start) button on the desired game. This will bring up options for the app or game. One of those is to delete the program. It’s a tough menu to find on the system, and it’s helpful if you download the FX Networks app and discover that you can’t use it. You may as well save some of that precious hard drive space.

    Get used to talking to the Xbox One. A Wow moment for the system comes when you say “Xbox On” and the console turns on automatically. It’s one of those sci-fi moments that you dream about as a kid and it’s a thrill seeing it finally coming true. You should memorize other useful commands. If you want to go to an app or a game say, “Xbox Go To (insert game/app here)” or if you want to get to the home screen, say “Xbox Go Home.” And of course, when you want to shut off the system say, “Xbox Turn Off” and confirm with a “Yes.” It’s a satisfying experience.

    Find your videos on Sky-Drive and download them to your computer to share them on social media. Although it’s not as easy the PlayStation 4 experience, the Xbox One can do share your content across social networks. Once you say “Xbox Record That” toward a spectacular clip, you can go into Upload Studio and edit it to a user-friendly two minutes or less. If you upload it, the video will be in your Sky-Drive. From there, you can download it off an App or PC and share the video on Face book or use a service such as trout (Clips last 15 seconds there) and push it out through multiple social networks. It’s great for smack talking.

    Remember to download the Xbox One Smart glass App on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. This goes without saying. If you want a second screen experience, this is how you get it. The app works beautifully with Dead Rising 3 (It turns your real-life phone into an in-game one), but it also has the added benefit of connecting to Xbox Live wherever you are so you can manage friends list and messages on the go. PLAYSTATION 4

    There’s headphone jack in the controller. One of the best things about the DualShock 4 is that you can plug in your own personal headset and play without disturbing anyone in the house. It also means that you can hear and chat with anyone online using a standard set of headphones like the one that come with an iPhone. It’s smart move and more convenient because you don’t have to buy any specialized equipment. Just remember to go into settings and activate the feature in the Sound menu.

    Feel free to talk to your PlayStation 4. If you have the PlayStation Camera, you also have the option to navigate the console with voice commands. You can shut off the system or put it on standby. You can even say “Take a Screenshot” and the system will save it for you to upload later.

    Get familiar with the Share button because streaming and sharing screenshots across social media is the future. That little button on the left side of the Dual-Shock 4 is one of the revolutionary features of this generation. Rather than making you connect a PVR and mess with wires and PC, Sony simplifies the streaming experience. Now all you have to do is hit a few buttons and you’ll push out gameplay on Twitch or Ustream, showing off an epic picture of a game you’re playing. Just press the Share button and pick screenshot, video or streaming and away you go.

    If you’re streaming, remember to turn off your mike if you go online so others can’t hear you. This is an issue that crept up in Need for Speed: Rivals. It’s a game that combines open-world racing with a spontaneous multiplayer element. Unfortunately, when I was streaming, my voice carried over to other players in the instance I was in. They could hear what I’m saying, and it could get awkward like this guy.

    There’s a Face book-like element on PlayStation. When you have time, check out the What’s New category. In there, you’ll see what your friends have been up to. You’ll see trophies, events and screenshots. What you may not know is that you can “Like” certain items. It’s a way to give feedback to friends and let them know you pay attention to what they do. All Sony needs to do is let players add comments on a player’s feed.